Sunday, May 3, 2009

Challenge #2

It's time for Challenge#2. As the Dorks already know - I have added yet another thing to my busy schedule - I have become an Avon consultant. So, while I was working on my advertisment type of thing I needed to find an image that would be a fun clickable icon to my Avon website. Well the image I found ended up being pretty interesting and fun!!

So, Challenge #2: I call this the Inspriation by Image Challenge - Use the image below - let it inspire you to make a fun card - what does it inspire you to create? Maybe the image triggers your idea, or the shapes, layout or colors - use whatever you want from the image and create your card! This card is due, of course, May 15th.

**Anyone reading is welcome to join the challenges with us. We would love to see what you create as well. You can just add a link to your creation in a comment at the end of the post.**

1 comment:

Lois Jones said...

I like what Beth said!! It's smoochalicious!!! LOL!! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.