Monday, May 18, 2009

Challenge #3

Hi girls!
You know me the 'difficult one' in the group! LOL
You know everyone says men are simple? Well, why do we have such a hard time creating cards for them? They are so easy to please even!
I think WE create the stress ourselves! We have to be creative right!?!
I want you to think of the oldest man in your life (grampa, uncle, neighbor... whoever!) and create a card for him!Here's the twist... use the stained glass technique on it! 
Here's the tutorial for the technique!
Challenge #3 - Inspiration/Technique A Stained Glass card for a Man!
May 17 - Due May 29
**Anyone reading is welcome to join the challenges with us.
We would love to see what you create as well.
You can just add a link to your creation in a comment at the end of the post.**


Toni said...

oooo....i love technique stuff.

this is gonna be cool.

Its ME said...

Hello hello Vikki Jo,
man was created first, then woman was created from his side,
to be mate for life,
to replenish the earth and
have dominion over the lower creatures on earth,
nothing is so beautiful as aloving relation that conforms to God's magnificent design.
More can be said about one man than all women in the history of mankind: Jesus Christ.
Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God.
Husbands love your wives; wives submit to your husbands. hence fulfilling the divine design for happy existence and experience the divinity in reality.
peace to you and all readers to come your way, Healthy Wealth encourage peole to drink water for health and wealth,sincerely, Its Me

Mazhar Hussain Shah said...

I agreed with you.Great idea of card for girls.Keep it up.Big M blog.

kanishk said...

hey love your technique and good stuff.........

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